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the hk wedding photographh for May & Eddy Wedding day

Ricky and Candy are the main members of our Studio Team. Ricky is responsible for Photo-shooting wedding photography He is an expert in photography. He is weddingcreative and especially like using light in different occasions to create special effect photography. Moreover Ricky won a lot of trophies in many Photo-competitions and his works are not restricted to any single field & mood. Photos of flowers, scenery and images are highly appreciated by others. Nevertheless Ricky is best in Pre-wedding shots. Candy is another skeleton RickyStudio crew. She is a professional make up artist. She is experience, energetic and very helpful in assisting those who is about to be married or has just been married; making them the most beautiful and attractive bride. All her clients become her very good pal there after.

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        the defense of
      the Great Wall of China
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      About Built using a variety of wedding photographer materials, from east to west, modeled, That is, in part in order to protect the Great Wall of China, stone, brick, something ingrained soil, wood, ordinary or outside in and the Empire's northern border in Chinese history invasion and military aggression against the peoples wedding and nations of different nomadic groups fortress improve its circular group. Some walls have been built in the 7th century BC [3], later work together, bigger, stronger, unified, collectively referred to as the Great Wall [4] In particular, the wall was built at 220 famous. China's first emperor Qin -206 BC. Small remains its walls. Open or rebuild most of the existing walls, strengthen and maintain, because the Great Wall, the Ming reconstruction. Great Wall, the Silk Road trade and immigration, immigration control, in accordance with border regulatory and encourage, to allow the implementation of tariffs on goods transport control for other purposes. Responsible for transport corridors path of the Great Wall, the Great Wall of defense, military wedding photographer barracks garrison station, fuming and the means of ignition signal capacity, improve the actual construction of the bell tower. Opened in accordance with China's Great Wall is almost at the southern edge of Inner Mongolia, West Lake roppu roe deer, extends from Kanto. A comprehensive archaeological survey, using advanced technology, Ming city wall measuring 8850 km (5,500 miles). [5] (3889 miles) of the actual wall thickness of the part, the conclusion is like hills and rivers, 2232 km (1387 miles) of natural defensive barrier, such as ditch 359 kilometers wedding(223 miles), which is 6259 kilometers. [5] found a 21,196 km (13,171 miles) the entire wall to measure this, all the archaeological survey [6] wedding photographer 4 4 0
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      Great Wall Defense of the Great Wall (Simplified Chinese: Great Wall, the War of Resistance Against Japan, China, the Great Wall of the War of Resistance Against Japan Pinyin: movement between the Republic of China, the Great weddingWall Anti-Japanese War) wedding photography (January 1, 1933 nyeon nyeon1933 31 session) and the Imperial Japanese Army in the second The Day War officially began in 1937, occurred before. Many the Nekka (the Jehol for photography hk Nekka Sakusen) and Hebei, the first battle of this task is known as a source of English in Japan. The boundary of the of Zhang Xueliang southern Japan during this campaign, successfully captured the China Rehe Inner Mongolia region's chapter extended to the Great Wall of China was annexed to the new leader of the Manchukuo wedding photographer. 1 1 0
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      Chinese history
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      About How to choose a best wedding photography hk Chinese civilization began along the Yellow River and the Yangtze River Neolithic period the two sides in various regional centers, but the Yellow River is known as the birthplace of Chinese civilization. For $ 300,000 to, in the history weddingof China is one of the world's oldest civilizations. [1] Chinese written history, dynasty (BC 1700 nyeon 1046 BC) [2] can be found, but already this summer before the historian of ancient historical documents (about 100 BC) and weddingThe record Zhuliao requirements exist dynasty. [2] [More Zhou dynasty, the development of Chinese culture, literature, philosophy (1045 -256 BC). Zhou Dynasty in the 8th century BC, succumbed to the small country's external and internal pressure to reach full manifestation of the Kingdom in the Warring States period, and soon began in the Spring and Autumn, breaking a burst. This is the history of China from the failure of the founding of the period (the civil war in China is the latest one). Nationalism in the era of the Kingdom and military parts, Chinese dynasties throughout China to occupy a dominant position. At different times, including a book, the kidneys and /or stretch, such as the control of Tibet. In 221 BC, Qin Shi Huang unified the various involved in the creation of the first Empire: These actions began in the Qin Dynasty. In the history of China, the vast the geographical direct control of the ancient Chinese emperor, has developed a system of bureaucratic history, in the presence of China, most people have been incorporated into the Chinese Han population, instead of a period of political unification and division mainly people in the plains region. Transport continuous wave part of the cultural and political influence, many Asian immigrants, expansion, and cultural assimilation, has become part of contemporary culture. 8 8 0
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      Chinese historians Dynasty can be traced back weddingto a record in the history of China. Classic in the past, one of the five classic Chinese classical text is one of the oldest stories in China. Trying to cover up from 722 BC to 481 BC feed in the spring and the fall of China's most ancient historical texts principle, in accordance with the official records of the country on one. Is compiled Confucius. Seeking Ming Zuo one male in the fifth century BC, Biography, but due to the early history of the story, and covers the period from 722 BC to 468 years. Terry curatorial scattered between the 1st century BC century Warring States period, a famous ancient Chinese historical writings compiled material. The author is unknown. Sima Qian wrote Chinese historical text fraud and fraud. The book covers the author's own time, until, until the emperor during the period. 04, because of his praise, Sima Qian's father is often regarded as China's history has been recorded from the "Historical Records" of the Ming Dynasty in the 17th century, from 3000 BC, in China's history books, collected coverage historical period, 24 records. WorldCom on the first work in the history of China, compiled between 708 and 710 Ryu Watch. Structures, methods wedding and under the orders of the orders, instructions and title over the official dynastic history, a common pattern in the pre-Qin era comment. Rosie Tongjian word the mirror newspaper "comprehensive" Government support of China's history, pioneering reference. The Song emperor Hidemune Shiva construction, the universal history of China and other scholars in 1065, began the preparation of the command to submit their songs 1084 Shenzong his successor. It contains 294 volumes, about 30,000 words (or Chinese characters). The time series of a book from the Warring States period 403 BCE to tell China's second history of the Song Dynasty 959 CE. (Collectively, divided into records of employees) the 24 ruler or career (Ecclesiastes (Ji)) the chronicle standard Chinese dynastic history chapter; the Rosie's Tong Jian fraud tradition can be traced back almost a thousand years to change. BODY) (the biographical format the record from the electric style is more suitable for advanced analysis and critique of the series, in the long-term China-Body) (chronological tradition to start a new dynasty rulers before the literati order final compiled history. 8 8 0
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      four major occupational and how to find a wedding photography hk Four occupations or "four categories of people" [1] (simplified Chinese: classes of society, the traditional Chinese: segment of society), until the development of the Zhou dynasty late, Confucianism, Legalism scholars in the social class structure of ancient Chinese level, which is considered to be the center of the social structure of the wind sword (C.1046-256 BCE). [2], drop in the sociologist (upstream), and agriculture (farmers), (father-in-law, father-in-law) to 0, and the phase (merchants and traders). [2] these broad categories are more real than reality idealized. Obfuscate this trip four levels of social distinction, songs, and Ming dynasties, is due to the commercialization of Chinese society. In addition, the system does not recognize the existence of any other group in society in pre-modern Chinese society. Finally, the definition of identity oldest noble descent less emphasis on the academic elite of the class, and officials of the academic elite, the aristocracy, as well as at the time of the ancient warrior caste and gradually change to a wealthy businessman and land-owning gentry class fusion the end of the Ming dynasty, and ultimately have also occurred. Social order, the system has been adopted throughout the Sinosphere. In Japan, this Saturday, agriculture, ball, singing "City", nose Show (segment of society, shinōkōshō), (Sanonggongsang) is called, and SI, agriculture, "the Vietnam (THUONG Deng Shinong Commerce and Industry). Adapt to the main difference between the city (with disabilities) have been defined. 3 3 0
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      Islam in China's history where can we find it that a photography hk Jafar ibn Abi Taliban Jahsh China six hundred sixteen seventeenths from Chittagong - four Sahabas-SA `D · Ibn ABI Waqqas (D674 AD B.594), Islam in China the spread after 16 minutes after the beginning of the history of sailing 615 Abyssinia Kamrup - Manipur route. Caliph Osman warmly received by the Emperor of China, the Chinese embassy asked me, led by Saad ibn Abi 650-51 after trips to China Waqqas. [1] 4 4 0
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